Do you know that feeling of enchantment when you see a breathtaking landscape? That feeling that perplexes you with such beauty of nature? Who does not like to feel it? Who does not like to visit places that have incredible visuals? See landscapes that make you stay just blown away? Known for its beautiful beaches, Rio de Janeiro also enchants tourists for its fantastic viewpoints. Blessed by God, the Marvelous City has several peaks that will make you feel all this sense of amazement at the beauty of nature. A wonder you can not escape. In addition to the Christ

For those who want to watch a cinematic sunset, cannot leave to read this post. Known for having one of the best visuals of Rio de Janeiro, the City Park in Niteroi enchants all of his visitors because of its stunning scenery. Opened in 1976, the City Park is located on top of Viração Hill, at 270m above sea level and is an APA (Environmental Protection Area). How to get to the Park City: Located in the neighborhood of San Francisco, there is no bus to take you to the City Park. You can go by car, on foot or

How about visiting a place where “boils” culture since Rio de Janeiro Belle Époque? What if this place has a panoramic view from the Marvelous City? Better yet, don’t you think? This is the Ruins Park. A space that promotes cultural activities with a constant and varied programming and offers a sensational view of the city center and the Bay of Guanabara. Yet little visited, even by locals, the ruins of the Park is located in the remains of a house built in the 20s that was frequented by several distinguished people such as Villa Lobos. The site was restored

It seems that everyone who visits the Chinese View has the same sense of wonder. The place is really amazing! Out all the beauty of the visual, the forest surrounding the place and the architecture of the gazebo, bring a special atmosphere to the Chinese View. No wonder that this viewpoint has been increasingly visited by tourists and locals themselves. So, what is the Chinese view? Chinese View Well, the Chinese View is a gazebo built between 1902 and 1906 in oriental style to honor the Chinese who brought the cultivation of tea for Brazil in the nineteenth century. The

It seems incredible, but the truth is that everyone who visits the Parque lage in Rio de Janeiro has the same feeling: everyone goes out there enchanted with the place! You want to know why the Parque lage causes this feeling in your visitors? Well, besides all its beauty and vast green area with gazebos, trails, lakes, islands and artificial caves, the Parque lage also has a bucolic atmosphere and a very strong cultural effervescence due to the School of Visual Arts who works there. That is, a full tour that always pleases everyone. Old sugar mill at the time

Who does not like to visit a lookout point which has a magnificent view? Known as the Marvelous City, the Rio de Janeiro has several lookouts to enjoy its beauties. So check this peak we’ll show you. Dona Marta Viewpoint is a magnificent tour with a stunning look that always yields great moments and beautiful photos. Best of all is that the access is easy (no need hike) and the entrance is free! Dona Marta Viewpoint Situated 364 meters above sea level, well on top of the pacified favela of Santa Marta, the view from Dona Marta Viewpoint is as

Our tip today is truly amazing! We are sure you will not regret. We will share with you a fantastic tour in Rio de Janeiro that has been increasingly sought by locals and tourists. We’re talking about one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Marvelous City: the track of Two Brothers Hill in the favela of Vidigal. Located between the neighborhoods of Leblon and São Conrado, in Rio’s south zone, the Vidigal slum was named in reference to the former commander of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro State, Major Miguel Nunes Vidigal. Due to its services, in