Our team always works to deliver the highest quality exclusive travel experience for our clients in Rio de Janeiro. Whether you need a simple hotel reservation or an personalized itinerary, we take care of you during every step of the process from conception to completion.

Rio de Janeiro Personalized Experience

Many people imagine Rio de Janeiro as a beach with a city attached, but it’s actually a complex city with a beach attached. Rio is a fully living city with a huge cultural force and amazing exclusive services. No matter what is you definition of luxury, here you will find an unique luxury experience.


Whether at an airport transfer or on a full itinerary, you will feel comfortable and safe with our private transport.


From that coveted suite at your favorite hotel to your own private mansion…and everything in between.

Personal Consierge

Our insider connections and unique relationships ensure you the best services – from the moment you touch down.

VIP Experience

Exclusive services designed to ensure our guests are fully taken care of before, and throughout their journey

Luxury Nightlife

Get VIP entrance and the exclusive services in the best partys and nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro.

Spa & Massage

Take a time to yourself and relax with the best exclusive spas and therapeutic massage in Rio de Janeiro.

Luxury Rental Cars

Sports, executive or exotic cars. Create an unforgettable experience with a perfect mix of comfort, sophistication and fun

Yacht Rental

Enjoy an exclusive and private yacht with a total comfort in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by Rio’s radiant scenery.

Helicopter Tour

Feel comfortable and safe whether on a flight through the incredible scenery of Rio de Janeiro or on an air transfer.

Brunch & Culinary Events

Enjoy a customized brazilian breakfast. Invite a chef to prepare a menu selection. Take a brunch watching a sunset.

Weedings, Hooneymoon and Special Events

Bachelorette in Rio.  Wedding in Bahia.  Honeymoon in Fernando de Noronha.

Sporting Events

Get VIP entrance to the best sporting games in Brazil.

About Us

We are your bespoke exclusive travel designer

The Why Not Brazil is a creative tour company specialized in creating exclusive experience in Rio de Janeiro that enrich your travel providing value and enhancement to your life. Our great differential is that the agency is led by Gustavo Faro, one of the best guides in Rio de Janeiro according to Trip Advisor. Through his unique network of partners and his experience of more than 10 years developing itineraries, tours and events in Rio de Janeiro, he set up a team of professionals who always seek to exceed clients’ travel expectations.

A trip to be unique and authentic should be influenced by native design, sound, flavors and the richness of interactions with local people. Neverthless we believe everyone has an unique traveler soul. So, our philosophy is to strive to know and understand you very well in order to find your soul and create rewarding, enriching experiences. Come with us unlock Rio de Janeiro’s greatest experiences so you can realize your own personal definition of authentic luxury.