7 Best Free Viewpoints in Rio de Janeiro

Do you know that feeling of enchantment when you see a breathtaking landscape? That feeling that perplexes you with such beauty of nature? Who does not like to feel it? Who does not like to visit places that have incredible visuals? See landscapes that make you stay just blown away?

Known for its beautiful beaches, Rio de Janeiro also enchants tourists for its fantastic viewpoints. Blessed by God, the Marvelous City has several peaks that will make you feel all this sense of amazement at the beauty of nature. A wonder you can not escape.

In addition to the Christ Redeemer and the Sugar Loaf which have incredible visuals but it’s necessary to pay for aprecciate the visual, Rio de Janeiro has several other viewpoints where you can enjoy as good or better views. And to get even better, in most of these places the entrance is free.

So, we have separated for you this list with the 7 best free viewpoints of Rio de Janeiro.

1 – Chinese View (Vista Chinesa)

Chinese View – Rio de Janeiro

The first viewpoint is in the Alto da Boa Vista neighborhood and is part of the Tijuca National Park area. In oriental style, the Chinese View was built in honor of the Chinese who brought the cultivation of tea for Brazil in the 19th century. This viewpoint overlooks the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, the beaches of the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro and Two Brothers Hill. Due to a parking lot next to the lookout point, the Chinese View has a very easy access and is recommended for elderly, wheelchair users and the laziest.

2 – Emperor’s Table (Mesa do Imperador)

Emperor’s Table

The Emperor’s Table is 700 m to the top of our first viewpoint, the Chinese view. The location was very used by Dom Pedro II during the Empire. He often rested on the lookout during his walks through the Tijuca Forest, hence the name. The Emperor’s Table also has a parking lot next to the viewpoint which helps a lot in their access. If you want to enjoy a unique experience, we offer the Tour Imperial Morning, where besides enjoying a delicious breakfast at the Emperor’s Table, you will still get to know the Chinese View, the Park Lage and the Dona Marta Viewpoint. To know more information click here.

3 – Dona Marta Viewpoint (Mirante Dona Marta)

On its privileged geographical position in its 364 meters high, the Dona Marta Viewpoint offers one of the best landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. The front view of this viewpoint is the charming cove of Botafogo, and at the back, you still have the very close view of Christ the Redeemer with open arms. To see more informations about Dona Marta Viewpoint please click here.

4 – Cliff Two Brothers Park (Parque Penhasco Dois Irmãos)

Cliff Two Brothers Park

This park is really ideal for elderly, wheelchair or who does not like to make effort. All facilities are accessible by car and very few steps separate the parking lot of beautiful scenery. Located in Leblon, the Cliff Two Brother Park has four lookouts with beautiful views of the beaches of Leblon, Ipanema and Arpoador, and the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, and still have the structure of toilets and drinking fountains.

5 – Astonishment Viewpoint (Mirante do Pasmado)

Astonishment Viewpoint

Situated in Botafogo, this viewpoint also has a parking lot that is very close to this beautiful landscape. Just a few steps separate you from a beautiful square surrounded by flowering trees and a fantastic view. With many trees, shadows and banks across the square, the Astonishment Viewpoint is great for those who want to relax a bit and take a runaway from the city chaos.

6 – Ruins Park (Parque das Ruínas)

Ruins Park

Located in Santa Teresa, in a historic neighborhood, the Ruins Park was built on the site of what was left of the Murtinho Nobre Palacete built around 1900. The architectural design retained the brick walls of the neocolonial mansion and added a contemporary air with metallic structures and Several glasses. In addition to having supported the walls, the project made it possible to walk through the ruins until reaching a viewpoint with an incredible look of Rio de Janeiro. To know more about Ruins Park, click here.

7 – City Park in Niterói (Parque da Cidade)

City Park in Niterói

Our last viewpoint, even if not in the city of Rio de Janeiro, has to be on the list because it has one of the most amazing visuals of the Marvelous City, and a magnificent sunset. Located in Viração Hill in Niteroi, the City Park also has a free parking close this stunning view. To know more about the City Park, click here.

Then that’s it! What did you think? The lookouts are or are not fantastic? There are many beauties easy to enjoy, and best of all: free! Now you have no excuse not to know the Wonderful City from a different angle! If you want to visit some of these places with comfort, security and exclusivity, we offer a tour around the main viewpoints of Rio de Janeiro, click here and take a look at more informations about the tour.

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