Have you ever thought about creating unforgettable moments for your customers and employees? Moments where through unique experiences, you can create a deeper bond with your customers and employees reinforcing the values of your brand?

If this is your intention, create brand value, we can help you. Based on our experience, knowledge and professionalism, we create and prepare the logistics of tours and experiences for executives, companies and universities in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Our Corporate Tour is ideal for awards employees, companies social gatherings, relationship actions with the client and college tours. We offer original, creative and culturally Brazilian routes that will create unforgettable memories for your customers and employees.




Personalized Experiences

We create tours, activities and personalized experiences, according to the style, values and needs of each company.

Support for Executives

We take you to corporate meetings, fine dining and cultural and tourist attractions. All within your individual interests, schedule and budget.

Dining Experiences

We create and plan dining experiences as cocktails, brunches, cooking classes, tastings of experiences, among others.

Companies Gatherings

We carry out the planning and preparation of companies gatherings in the city of Rio de Janeiro

Press Trips

We conducted press trips for the dissemination of tourist destinations through newspapers, blogs and media companies.

University Tours

We create and prepare the logistics of university tours focused on specific topics such as architecture, arts, history and geography.



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