The Why Not Brasil is a creative tour company that operates in order to develop, disseminate and propagate tours across Brazil. We make your travel, your ride and your leisure time more interesting and enriching.

However, you must be wondering: what is creative tours? Well, our intention is to provide tours that add value during your trip. Through courses, classes and unique experiences, we provide tourists an immersion into the daily life of the cities and the Brazilian people.

We want you to use your leisure time to explore the beauty, history and culture of our country, or perhaps learn more about some hobbies or topic of your interest while traveling.

After all, who does not like to get out of the routine, see new places and still practice some hobbies? Nothing better than enjoying your free time to stimulate your creative side and do some activities that often we leave aside due to rush of day-to-day.

Have you ever thought about making a salon samba class and then fall into a samba party in Lapa? Or do a photography course having as models cinematic landscapes? Or perhaps practice stand up paddle in the middle of Copacabana beach?

This is the proposal of Why Not Brasil:

Develop, disseminate and propagate creative tours across Brazil.. Tours that enhance the beauty, history and the Brazilian culture. Tours that explore beyond the main cards of our country. Tours that will give you unique experiences and personal enrichment.

We want to show to foreigners all the natural beauty and cultural wealth of our Brazil, but the real Brazil. Our Brazil! Brasil written with the “s”.

Moreover, for Brazilians, we want to encourage domestic tourism. Show that no one needs go far to enjoy paradise scenery. Show that our country is a place that has many natural wonders, a very rich cultural, and should really be explored.

We have the vision

to transform the Why Not Brazil at the largest digital platform of tours, activities and tourist experiences in Brazil, being reference to excellence in the provision of tourist services.

We work every day to achieve our goals and objectives, always seeking the satisfaction of our customers and valuing and respecting all people and partners involved in the development of the Brazilian tourism.

For this, we have a team of passionate professionals by Brazil that besides searching the best tourist tours and activities, are always ready to serve you in the best possible way.

Meet our team

Perifil Gustavo Faro Gustavo Faro – Founder/Trade

Gustavo is one of the Why Not Brasil? founders and is from Rio de Janeiro and a very experienced local tour guide. He’s been one of the top-rated guides on Tripadvisor, being daily required by tourists from all around the world whom have given to him excellent reviews. Passionate for others cultures, Gustavo speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian and loves to trip abroad when has the opportunity. Based on his experience in the business, he coordinates the commercial and operational areas of the Why Not Brasil?, setting everything up to bring excellence for the operations. Moreover, he is in the field as tour guide, searching new routes in order to offer to clients the feelings of our “Rio Way of Life”




Perfiil THiago Villa Verde Thiago Villa Verde – Founder/Marketing

The other arm of the Why Not Brasil? Thiago is Brazilian and a lover of photography, design and digital marketing. Entrepreneur by nature, he is also one of the “Couple only Travel” blog’s co-founders, where he acquired the experience of writing about his travels, inspire your readers and help other travelers find their destinations. Passionate about discovering new places, explore new cultures and try new flavors, he believes that it is not necessary to go far to enjoy enriching experiences. Currently, he bears responsibility for the financial area and the areas of marketing and technology of Why Not Brasil?. Always use his experience in design, blogs and travel to achieve satisfaction and better customer experience in both areas, digital and operational.