All the tips to visit Chinese View in Rio de Janeiro

It seems that everyone who visits the Chinese View has the same sense of wonder. The place is really amazing! Out all the beauty of the visual, the forest surrounding the place and the architecture of the gazebo, bring a special atmosphere to the Chinese View. No wonder that this viewpoint has been increasingly visited by tourists and locals themselves.

So, what is the Chinese view?

Chinese View

Well, the Chinese View is a gazebo built between 1902 and 1906 in oriental style to honor the Chinese who brought the cultivation of tea for Brazil in the nineteenth century. The lookout is strategically in a clearing, 380 meters high, in the middle of the Atlantic forest.

The look could not be different. The stunning landscapes of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, South Zone beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the Hill Brothers and Favela of Vidigal, are revealed in the middle of the forest to enchant its visitors. Simply amazing!

Chinese View - Rio de Janeiro
Chinese View – Rio de Janeiro
Visual from Chinese View - Rio de Janeiro
Visual from Chinese View – Rio de Janeiro

How to get

The Chinese View is located inside the Tijuca Forest National Park and its main access is by the street Pacheco Leão in the neighborhood of the Botanical Garden. You should rise to almost entire street, near the end of the street will have a sign indicating the start of the Chinese View Road (Dona Castorina Road).

By entering the road from the Chinese View you will already feel the climate change. The forest surrounds the entire road. Early in the road has a guardhouse of the Tijuca National Park where you can get some information. Following, not far from the guardhouse, you will have a waterfall to your right. A delight! A short track, more or less 15 minutes, takes to another 3 waterfalls where the last one is a refreshing shower.


Although the road from the Chinese view is quite steep, it is quite common to see people walking and cycling. So if you have disposal, come on! Altogether, there are nearly 3.7 kilometers to drive on the road from the Chinese View until reach the observation deck.

For those coming from Tijuca or Rio de Janeiro West Zone (Barra da Tijuca), the access to the Chinese view can be done by road from Alto da Boa Vista.. The road has signs indicating the lookout.

Unfortunately there are no buses that pass up there. The bus stops closer is the line 508. It has the end point in Pacheco Leão Street, close to the start of the Chinese View Road. A round-trip taxi from Rio de Janeiro South Zone to Chinese View should cost around R$ 60.00 to R$ 80.00, depending on the length of stay on site.

If you want to know the Chinese View and the best lookouts in Rio de Janeiro during an amazing experience with the comfort and security you deserve, take a look at this tour. We are sure you will be thrilled with the beauty of the city and will understand why Rio de Janeiro is the Marvelous City.

Top Tips

  1. If you can, go during the week. On weekends, the search for the best angle causes a tight race for a little space. But even so the look pays off.
  2. Right after the Chinese View, 5 minutes up, it is the Bureau of the Emperor, a gazebo where Don Pedro II had constant visits. It’s worth the visit.
  3. Avoid going in the Chinese view at the night because the place is not as policed as day.
Imperator Table
Bureau of the Emperor

Then that’s it. We hope you enjoyed our tips. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment, we’d love to help you. If you find that the post can help a friend, please be sure to share it.

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