Vidigal Favela Tour: Track of Two Brothers Hill

Our tip today is truly amazing! We are sure you will not regret. We will share with you a fantastic tour in Rio de Janeiro that has been increasingly sought by locals and tourists. We’re talking about one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Marvelous City: the track of Two Brothers Hill in the favela of Vidigal.

Located between the neighborhoods of Leblon and São Conrado, in Rio’s south zone, the Vidigal slum was named in reference to the former commander of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro State, Major Miguel Nunes Vidigal. Due to its services, in 1820 he received a gift from the Benedictine monks, a land at the foot of Two Brothers Hill, which was occupied by shacks from 1940.

Nowadays, the Vidigal slum, pacified since January 18, 2012, has aroused the curiosity of many in the city. After all, Vidigal has one of the best views of Rio de Janeiro and is the gateway to the Two Brothers Hill trail. Moreover, currently the favela had a great development in the tourist part and already has some good options of hostels, bars and restaurants. Not to mention that the Vidigal has been the home of a lot of cool parties from Rio de Janeiro


How to get in Vidigal:

To go up one of the most famous hills of the Marvelous City, you should take a taxi or a bus that leave you on community entrance, in front of Pacifying Police Unit (UPP) which is at the bottom of the hill. The bus that will leave you there are:

  • Copacabana/Ipanema/Leblon – 557, 382, 360, 177;
  • Barra da Tijuca – 525, 2334, 2338, 360;
  • Centro – 2334, 177, 2335.

In Vidigal entrance, there are several motorcycle taxis that charge R$10 for leaving you right at the trailhead of the Two Brothers Hill. Due to the narrow streets, taxis and vans also take you almost on track walk, but a little further and with less agility. So the best option is to go by motorcycle taxi.

For those who do not feel safe nor comfortable to enter the Vidigal favela and make the trail without a guide, we have an amazing tour there. Besides you make this amazing track, you will also have the chance to know a little more of everything that goes in this charming community. For more information about our Favela Tour in Vidigal contact us by email.

Trail of Two Brothers Hill:

Moving on, the walking time from the trailhead to the top of Two Brothers Hill is around 40 minutes. However the rise time can vary greatly depending on the physical condition of each one. The trail is quite steep, but it is not very difficult, it is a track considered moderate level. When are you getting closer to the top, the forest closes and the branches can disturb the most sensitive people, but nothing that a pants cannot solve.

View from the Two Brothers Hill Trail
View from the Two Brothers Hill Trail
Two Brothers Hill Trail
Two Brothers Hill Trail

From the top of the Two Brothers hill you have a spectacular visual of 360 degrees of the Rio de Janeiro southern zone. You can see the beaches of Leblon, Ipanema and Arpoador, the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Rocinha, Vidigal and the city of Niteroi. A truly amazing sight! The trick is to get there early! After all, this peak is being disputed by tourists and locals, especially on weekends, which does often the trail becoming crowded.

At the time of go down pay attention. There are parts that are a bit slippery, especially by the amount of visitors who end up leaving the looser soil.

View from the top of Two Brothers Hill
View from the top of Two Brothers Hill
View from the top of Two Brothers Hill
View from the top of Two Brothers Hill
Group on the top of Two Brothers Hill
Group on the top of Two Brothers Hill

What to bring with you:

Like every ride, the track of Two Brothers hill also requires some objects necessary to make your trip more enjoyable.

  • Tennis
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Photographic camera
  • Water
  • Some snack (banana, cereal bar ….)
  • Environmental awareness (just leave footprints on the trail, take your trash away)

Other Attractions:

After leaving the track of the Two Brothers Hill, the tip is go down the favela on foot and give a round by the community to meet other interesting points. It has a lot to do in Vidigal beyond the Track of Two Brothers Hill. Just take a look:

  • Arvrão Viewpoint – Located on top of Vidigal, beyond the beautiful view, Arvrão viewpoint is a space that attracts attention due to a very large tree that can be seen from the favela’s entrance.
  • Vidigaleria An area that began as a workshop for surfboards and became a gallery of works of art made with recycled materials. There is even a robot with house format. The location within the community receives hundreds of tourists every year.
  • Bar and Hostel Da Laje Opened in May 2014, the Bar and Hostel da Laje has become sensation in Rio de Janeiro. Located in an extremely warm environment and owner of one of the most beautiful views of the Vidigal favela, Bar da Laje combines cold beer, good music and beautiful, friendly and lively people. It is worth going there!
Arvrão Viewpoint
Arvrão Viewpoint
Bar Da Laje
Bar and Hostel Da Laje

Then that’s it. I think now you understand why the Vidigal favela and the Trail of Two Brothers Hill has been increasingly sought. If you think this post can help a friend, I ask you do not hesitate to share it. And do not forget! If you want more information about our Favela Tour in Vidigal contact us by email, we’d love to help you. To see more tourist tips about Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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