Everything you need to know to visit the Park Lage in Rio de Janeiro

It seems incredible, but the truth is that everyone who visits the Parque lage in Rio de Janeiro has the same feeling: everyone goes out there enchanted with the place! You want to know why the Parque lage causes this feeling in your visitors? Well, besides all its beauty and vast green area with gazebos, trails, lakes, islands and artificial caves, the Parque lage also has a bucolic atmosphere and a very strong cultural effervescence due to the School of Visual Arts who works there. That is, a full tour that always pleases everyone.

Old sugar mill at the time of Colonial Brazil, the Parque lage besides keeping traces of this history at attractions like Laundry Slave, also combines the architecture of the last century with contemporary art. Situated below the Corcovado hill, almost next to the Botanical Garden, the Parque lage is one of the nicest places of Rio de Janeiro. After all, besides quite safe and well maintained, the park also has easy access and attractions for the whole family.

Parque Laje
Parque lage

Its 52 hectares of lush forest with several species of the Atlantic Forest are home to a beautiful mansion in Roman style that has a coffee shop and the School of Visual Arts. Outside the Palace the Parque lage has a front garden with geometric shape, and side gardens composed of a huge forest consists of plants and flowers with picturesque paths that pass by palm trees, bridges, caves and even an aquarium into a small cave.

For adventure seekers, you can also make a track inside the forest that takes you to the Christ the Redeemer. Simply amazing! The trail is well marked and moderate level, but if you prefer to do with the accompaniment of a professional guide, we offer this tour. Please contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Moving on with the most important tips slab Park.

Jardim Frontal
Frontal Garden
Aquário Parque Laje
Aquarium Parque lage

Parque lage opening hours:

The park itself is open daily from 8 AM to 5 PM, in the summer time go to 6 PM. However, art galleries, and the School of Visual Arts, are open from Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to 7 PM, Friday, Saturday and Sunday only work until 5 PM. The coffee shop, which is also in the palace of the Parque lage, runs daily from 9 AM to 11PM.

How to get there:

Now, we will give you one of the most important tips: how to get the Parque lage? Well, get to the Parque lage is not a difficult task. The park is located in the Botanical Garden neighborhood, on the street Jardim Botanico # 414, and the ways to get there are:

Car – For those coming by car, the biggest complication is finding a parking. Unfortunately, the Parque lage does not have more parking. The trick is to look for a spot in the side streets of Jardim Botânico street.

Bus – By bus, it’s just you take any bus that pass by ardim Botanico street. The region has several circular bus. For those on Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, the lines Troncal 10 and Circular 1 and 2, they go there. For those coming from Barra da Tijuca, the line 309 also passes through the Jardim Botanico street. From the city center and neighborhoods like Flamengo, Gloria and Catete, it is best to take the subway. Which brings us to the next tip.

Metro + Integration – The best option for those coming from North Zone, downtown and even neighborhoods like Flamengo, Gloria and Catete, is to take the subway to Botafogo station and from there take the bus integration for the Topsail. The bus passes in front of the Parque Lage.

Tour Why Not Brazil – For those who want to know the Parque lage with the comfort and safety, and to explore other sights in Rio de Janeiro, we offer a tour where besides knowing the Parque lage, you will have the chance to visit places like Dona Marta Viewpoint, the Chinese view, the Ruins Park and many more. Just take a look.

What to do:

Finally the tips on what to do in lage Park. I think you already realized that have a lot to do there. Soon, I will list a few things you should do.

  • Visit the Palace and the exhibition of art galleries (there is always something very interesting).
  • Stroll through the front garden to the mansion. The garden is all geometric, very cool.
  • Lose yourself in the paths and woodlands of the side gardens of Parque Lage.
  • Explore the caves, lakes and tanks scattered around the huge area of the park.
  • Lose a good time at the aquarium. He is incredible! Besides the aquarium be stuck inside a rock, like a cave, he also has fish species from the entire world.
Lago no Parque Lage
Parque Lage Lagoon
Tubarão branco no aquário do Parque Laje
White Shark in Parque lage Aquarium
  • Take a delicious breakfast in the coffee shop of the Parque lage. There is no better atmosphere in Rio de Janeiro.
  • If you have time, take a picnic in one of the green areas of the Parque Lage.
  • Take the opportunity to make beautiful pictures. The Parque lage is a very bucolic place that inspires everyone. No wonder it is the scene of several photographic books.
  • For those who like to track, be sure to make the track of Christ the Redeemer Statue. The route is moderate and the trail is well marked. However, if you prefer to do this tour with the security of a professional guide, please contact us, we will be happy to make this experience possible.
Parque Laje Coffee Shop
Parque lage Coffee Shop
Trilha Cristo Redentor
Track of Christ the Redeemer Statue

Now I think you understand a little why everyone who visits the Parque lage goes out there captivated and enchanted by the place. It was not for less, right? I’m sure you will also feel like that there. The place is really fascinating!

Then that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the tips. If you think a friend might also like the tips, be sure to share the post. To follow and enjoy more tips on Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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